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    Koi Fish. Symbol of courage, aspiration, and advancement. 

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    Autumn Serenity in Portland Japanese Gardens by Kevin McNeal

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    When 900 years old you reach, look as cute you will not. 

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  6. voiceofnature:

    Mushrooms photographed by Bernd Rügemer


  7. "To look within and not find yourself as a self is the beginning of finding yourself as a presence (being)."
    — Adyashanti - Enlightenment and The End of Your World (via oceanandwave)

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  8. "I have advice for people who want to write. I don’t care whether they’re 5 or 500. There are three things that are important: First, if you want to write, you need to keep an honest, unpublishable journal that nobody reads, nobody but you. Where you just put down what you think about life, what you think about things, what you think is fair and what you think is unfair. And second, you need to read. You can’t be a writer if you’re not a reader. It’s the great writers who teach us how to write. The third thing is to write. Just write a little bit every day. Even if it’s for only half an hour — write, write, write."
    — Wisdom from Madeleine L’Engle, quoted in her biography. Couple with Hemingway’s advice to aspiring writers and Virginia Woolf on the creative benefits of keeping a diary, then revisit L’Engle on writing and creativity.  (via explore-blog)

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  9. streetartsdistrict:

    This piece, spotted on that fecund wall near 2nd and Hewitt in LA’s Arts District downtown, evokes that sleeping horror, Lovecraft’s Cthulu. And yes, I love the craft of it. 

  10. exactly my sentiments about #LA

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