1. way to rock that floral, fine sir.

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  6. designcloud:

    Kiddie Arts by Telmo Pieper

    Digital painted Creatures and stuff based on my own childhood drawings. I designed these creatures at the age of 4 and now reincarnated them with digital painting” - kiddie arts serie.


    I adore this.

  7. explore-blog:

    If you haven’t yet, treat yourself to this soul-stretching 1992 interview with Leonard Cohen on songwriting, creative process, and working for the right motives.

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  8. exhibition-ism:

    "Strange Plants"  a collection in honor of plants in contemporary art 

    Edited by Zio Baritaux and featuring 25 different artists

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  10. fastcompany:

    Because its editors are mostly male, an open-source map that provides data to companies like Foursquare and Craigslist may contain more strip clubs than day care centers.

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