1. exhibition-ism:

    "Strange Plants"  a collection in honor of plants in contemporary art 

    Edited by Zio Baritaux and featuring 25 different artists

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  3. fastcompany:

    Because its editors are mostly male, an open-source map that provides data to companies like Foursquare and Craigslist may contain more strip clubs than day care centers.

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  9. shortformblog:


    Watch: Weird Al’s new songs keep getting better. Today he takes on Lorde

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    The thing that’s really great about Weird Al’s effort is that he’s spreading the wealth marketing wise. “Tacky" was an exclusive to Nerdist; Vevo got "Word Crimes”; and now “Foil" is a College Humor joint.

    This means that he has not one, not two, but three big-name video outlets working to promote a single album. It requires coordination to be this good at marketing yourself while working with so many players. It also makes Beyonce look like she’s not trying hard enough.