1. "Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire."
    — - George Bernard Shaw

  3. late pass to the WuTang name generator but…

    … from this day forward

    you you will also be known as

    Mad Professional

    Ey… right.

    Wu Tang name generator

  4. Ruby Ibarra - Game Up (by rubyibarra)

    watch her drop a dope verse in Tagalog around 1:23


  5. How to Focus in the Age of Distraction - mindmap

    (Source: mindmapart.com)

  7. visual-poetry:

    “life is to blame for everything” by jeremy deller

    Tagged #IT'S A SIGN
  8. magnolius:

    Small Government by Michael D’Antuono

    Like small-time criminals want a police force too small to catch them, corporations want a government too small to regulate.

    (Source: machine-factory)

  9. Ask Bill: How can ordinary people help to overturn or nullify the Citizen United Decision? (by BillMoyers.com)

  10. visual-poetry:

    “it’s not good to worry” by rose nolan